MED-QUAD: a promising synergy is being built to create safer Mediterranean food products using technology


On May 14, 2022, representatives of the MED-QUAD project participated in the 5th transnational meeting of the interdisciplinary research project Trace & Trust Hubs for Mediterranean Food (MED Food TTHubs) implemented in Chalkidiki (Greece). As part of the regular meeting of the MED Food TTHubs project partners, the MED-QUAD project was presented with an emphasis on the Living Lab for the "Smart Water Applications" (SWUAP). The constructive discussion between the partners resulted in the joint decision to cooperate between the two projects for utilising the technology in the traceability and the quality of the Mediterranean food products. How did the partners reach this synergy decision?

The MED Food TTHubs project is funded by the PRIMA Foundation and aims to enhance transparency regarding the traceability of Mediterranean food products. The interdisciplinary project utilizes state-of-the- cutting-edge technologies (Internet of Things - IoT). It builds on widely applied standards of food production processes and location, tracking methods and innovative business models to develop traceability applications for effective control of the supply chain. The MED-QUAD project, funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC MED Program, aims to put into practice the Quadruple Helix Approach in innovation and sustainable local development. That aims to cooperate and interact with the four key factors of innovation: the universities/research centres, businesses, local government, and society.The application of the Quadruple Helix model is carried out through the Living Labs, one of which is the Living Lab for the "Smart Water Applications" (SWUAP).

At the transnational meeting, two executives from Epimorfotiki Kilkis sm LLC (MED-QUAD coordinator from Greece) and Professor Yasser Gaber Dessouky from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport-AASTM (Egyptian partner in both projects) presented the innovative actions of MED-QUAD. They explained the innovative actions aimed at sustainable development in the Mediterranean. Τhe operation of the pilot living lab (SWUAP) and the expected results it will provide in the field of research to improve water quality (drinking and irrigation) and the traceability of the quality of agricultural products were mainly explained. After an extensive and targeted discussion, the partners identified the common goals and features between the two projects in innovation and water resources. They laid the foundation for the development of a future collaboration. At this stage, the representatives of the projects are preparing a special memorandum of cooperation that will seal the agreement and the actions taken. So, the water and the power of technology unite in practice in the Mediterranean countries and human relations and collaborations.