MED-QUAD in Jordan will set one living lab focused on Smart Water Use Applications


Al-Balqa Applied University, MED-QUAD partner from Jordan, participated in the workshop “Route to renewable energy integration in wastewater treatment for arid regions”. The workshop aimed to strengthen the partnership between universities and civil society, focusing on using renewable energy to solve the problem of water treatment in arid regions. The workshop was held on 23-03-2022 at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in Al-Balqa Applied university campus –Al-Salt- Jordan. 

Prof. Rebhi Damseh, MED-QUAD local project manager, presented a detailed explanation of the project's objectives and the outputs it seeks. The MED-QUAD project participation came through a lecture given by the project manager entitled as: “Renewable Energy and its Future in Jordan”. He explained through the lecture the importance of using renewable energy in Jordan and the role of universities in preparing studies related to this topic. He applied research under the MED-QUAD project to provide proposals and solutions for harnessing solar thermal power in water desalination plants. 

Prof. Damseh pointed out that two cross-border Living Labs will be established in Irbid-Al-Huson university college in the frame of the MED-QUAD project. The essential players of the Quadruple Helix Approach will have the opportunity through using the two cross-border Living Labs, to implement several pilot activities for technological transfer and commercialization of research results. The Living Labs will exploit ICT technologies and Key Enabling Technologies for water use optimization, consumption, and reduction (Smart Water Use Applications - SWUAP) as well as cultural heritage promotion and preservation (Applied Research for Cultural Heritage Exploitation - ARCHEO) 

The MED-QUAD project won the interest of the 30 attendees from the academic community. The attendees expressed to Prof. Rebhi Damseh the desire to exploit the project's results with future synergies of universities.