MED-QUAD in Jordan with PPI4MED plans to strengthen the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem


On October 15, 2022, representatives of MED-QUAD and PPI4MED projects funded under the ENI CBC Med Programme signed in Jordan a cooperation memorandum. The collaboration aims at local, sustainable development through innovation and promoting the commercialization of research results from the pilot living labs (SWUAP and ARCHEO) through Public Procurement of Innovation programs and projects, as well as private-public commercialization partnerships.

During the meeting, the two projects identified common goals and priorities. The partners' representatives highlighted the strategic framework of the ENI CBC Med program, mainly the priorities to face the socio-economic and environmental challenges of the Mediterranean region, especially facing the challenges of youth unemployment and social inequality.

Prof. Rebhi Damseh, the representative of the AL-Balqa Applied university and MED-QUAD project from Jordan, explained the MED-QUAD project's aim to cooperate and interact with the four key innovation players, i.e. the universities/research centres, enterprises, local government, and society. Eng. Maha Alqra from the National Center for Research and Development (NRC) and representative of the "Technological transfer and commercialization of public research results through PPI in the Mediterranean region" (PPI4MED) project, clarified its aim to create and demonstrate a model for transferring results from NRCs. The transfer of results from NRCs to public buyers, industry, SMEs and people through the co-design of solutions in five national and one cross-border living labs, as well as the implementation of twelve actual PPI processes, will raise policymakers' awareness. They will be able to include PPI as a strategic instrument to transfer results as part of the science-policy in each concerned country.

The MED-QUAD and PPI4MED projects found an excellent opportunity in their collaboration agreement through activities by sharing common objectives. Their partnership will be optimal for strengthening innovation in Jordan and other Mediterranean countries; the aim will be achieved by utilizing the results of the living labs. From MED-QUAD's side, the actions and results from the living labs established in Jordan and operating in cross-border cooperation with corresponding labs in Greece, Italy, Palestine, Egypt and Tunisia will contribute to this scope of collaboration. The one living lab is about Smart Water Use Applications – SWUAP, while the second is about Applied Research for Cultural Heritage Exploitation – ARCHEO.