MED-QUAD in Jordan collaborates with a start-up to exploit the results of the transfer of sustainable wastewater treatment to households


On 15/1/2023, the research team of the MED-QUAD project in Jordan and the SOLVillion start-up team visited one Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DWWS) site. There, Prof. Rebhi Damseh, representative of the AL-Balqa Applied University (BAU) (the MED-QUAD Jordanian partner) and Eng. Zain Abu Alhaj, the representative of the SOLVillion start-up, signed a cooperation memorandum to exploit the projects’ results in the transfer of sustainable wastewater treatment to households.

SOLVillion, a Jordanian startup that provides innovative engineering solutions in water and sanitation systems, has recently cooperated with MED-QUAD project to bring safe, affordable, and sustainable wastewater treatment to households in Jordan. Its vision is to provide access to safe, reasonably priced, and sustainable wastewater treatment for all in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Its mission is to protect natural resources, promote human health, and build a sustainable future by designing, manufacturing, and providing sustainable wastewater treatment solutions, through capacity building and raising awareness for a healthier and safer environmental community. The company's mission finds in MED-QUAD project an absolute advantage as its actions seeks the same result. The collaboration of the project with a start-up is considered particularly crucial because, on the one hand, the start-up is included in the main factors of the quadruple helix approach. On the other hand, the adoption of the results of the project can lead to the continuous development of sustainable wastewater treatment for the Mediterranean. 

During the visit, the representatives had the opportunity to discuss how the system works, critical issues in water management and how the operation of the Smart Water Use Applications (SWUAP) living lab contributes positively. The exchange of scientific data and knowledge at a transnational level will undoubtedly contribute to the business with benefits not only for the start-up but also for improving the citizens' quality of life. 

Prof. Rebhi Damseh highlighted that the partnership between SOLVillion and the MED-QUAD project is one step towards solving the water and sanitation crisis in Jordan, as the MED-QUAD project aims to cooperate and interact with the four key factors of innovation: the universities/research centres, businesses, local government, and society. 

The scientific staff will conduct technical tests for treated grey water samples in the formed device installed in the Cooperative Society in the study area in Jerash (north of Jordan) using the established SWAUP Lab. The memorandum of understanding between the two teams referred to closer cooperation in developing the pioneering product produced by SOLVillion in collaboration with the research team of MED-QUAD project. Also, collaboration refers to scientific one by writing a scientific paper with the results of the tests to focus on the importance of the product in grey water treatment. This eco-friendly collaboration will undoubtedly contribute to low energy use, less sludging and a healthier way of life in Jordan, but it can also be an example for other Mediterranean countries.