MED-QUAD in Greece installed equipment for the Smart Water Use Applications Living Lab’s scientific research.


On 20/5/2022, the International Hellenic University (IHU) partner of the MED-QUAD  project welcomed the arrival of a modern sophisticated water analysis equipment that will assist the Smart Water Use Applications (SWUAP) Living Lab’s use and its scientific results. Thanks to the financial support of the European Union under the ENI CBC Programme, the equipment was installed in the Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Kilkis -DEYAK (the associated partner from Greece) where the SWUAP living lab is based. In collaboration with the scientific staff of DEYAK, the university's research team is ready to implement its research on water quality, which will also have a positive impact on water consumption and savings. The scientific staff has already started designing the first research on a theoretical basis. The purpose of the first research is to record the consumers' knowledge about the saving, rational use and quality of drinking water and the attitude of farmers towards the sustainable use of water for irrigation needs. The installed special equipment for water quality will lead to a second level of the research, conducting other targeted scientific research from which measurable data will be generated. 

The SWUAP living lab will provide innovative and unique services regarding the quality of water to the city of Kilkis assisting actively the fundamental aims of the MED-QUAD Project within the framework of the Quadruple Helix approach: academia, industry, civil society, and governments as they operate within the digital economy framework. The results that will be achieved by the innovative services of the living lab will benefit locally and nationally. Apart from Greece, similar research will be carried out in Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine, provided that living labs operate for the same purpose. Through the transnational cooperation of living labs in the Mediterranean in the framework of the MED-QUAD project, significant results will be created in water management and the field of innovation.