Med Pearls ICT Solution - GLOOM: a VR game, where myth meets with history and present


GLOOM is an ICT solution that focuses on the two Med Pearls pilot areas in Greece: Pieria-Mount Olympus and Imathia Veria. Both pilot areas will have benefits from the creation of this Med Pearls ICT solution, that will be developed by COMITECH SA. The ICT solution will be offered by the four Greek tour agencies (sub-grantees of the project) as a game to further promote the two pilot areas involved. As well as a way to encourage the Slow Tourism philosophy.

Traditionally, local products and gastronomy as well as associated services and their providers have not been properly showcased to international audiences, especially through modern technologies that enable an experiential approach to the region's potential. In addition, local gastronomy has not been presented as something that comes from very old times, which implies that it carries a long history and lots of benefits. Furthermore, our stakeholders needed a useful tool for presenting the area’s mythology, history, products, and gastronomy in a more attractive and effective way.

In this context, GLOOM is the proposed solution, as it is a Virtual Reality (VR) game, where myth meets with history and the present. It promotes local gastronomy products and wines through a gamified “discussion” between a mythological figure “Zeus” and a historical one “King Philipp II (father of Alexander the Great)” and presents nowadays, high-quality video recordings of local recipe preparation that can be disseminated through social media as well. The two “actors” are “discussing” mythology and history in a virtual reality (all digital) environment, with an emphasis on what to eat and drink from local products and recipes. The user, King Philipp, is guided to select local products that compose a recipe and finally complete a full-course meal with Zeus. Through the identification of product origins, the relative Points of Interest will be promoted as well.

The VR game targets all expected visitors (Sustainable tourists – slow tourists) hoping to be attractive, especially for special groups that involve elder people and young kids.