MAIA-TAQA project: procurement for the installation of a solar energy cooling system in Aqaba, Jordan


The Jordan Chamber of Commerce, partner of the MAIA-TAQA project intends to award a contract for the supply, installation and commissioning of a solar energy cooling system at the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce.

The project aims at demonstrating the capability of solar thermal systems in reducing consumption of energy used for cooling in office buildings in the Mediterranean area through the implementation of a solar thermal cooling system in Aqaba.

The tender is about installing a solar cooling system in Aqaba and has the following main components:

1)    Absorption or adsorption chiller with capacity of around 30 kW 

2)    Glazed flat plate solar thermal with collector area of around 150 m2

3)    Monitoring system and its measuring instruments

4)    Commissioning

Budget: 120 000 EUR

Deadline for submission of tenders: ⏰ 24th of February 2021

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