MAIA-TAQA in Jordan launches a tender to operate the Innovation One Stop Shop for Jordan Chamber of Commerce


In order to develop and promote new innovative services an “Innovation One Stop Shop” (IOSS) will be run under the umbrella of Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JoCC). It will design and implement a successful IOSS structure aligned with the regional strategies and resources focusing on the renewable energy community.

In order to operate the Innovation One Stop Shop, the Jordanian partner of the MAIA-TAQA project, Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JoCC) is seeking to contract a Supplier that will be responsible for the planning and execution of the IOSS and its day-to-day activities.

- The bid submitted by the Bidder shall comprise of Technical & Financial Bid.

- To know more about the bid

Apply before: 18/1/2023

- Bids should be delivered to JOCC Jordan office or via email:


This IOSS will support entrepreneurs, researchers, academic institutions, students, faculty members, research centers, SMEs, Startups, enterprises, EPC companies, and single professionals operating in the utilities /building sectors services to commercialize their innovative ideas and research outputs, it will also link academic institutions, entrepreneurs, SMEs, Startups, enterprises and researchers with the businesses and funding agencies.

Moreover, the IOSS will screen, orient, manage, promote, and support innovation. 

By this project JOCC needs to achieve strategical definition of IOSS mission (what will do) and vision (what wants to become in the mid-long term), also describe the services offered, target audiences, resources needed, and activities supported as well as to support the process of selection of the eligible beneficiaries of the voucher system. 

Therefore, the main value proposition will focus on technology transfer; innovation and awareness of innovation issues, while the valuable proposition is to address the many deficiencies existing in this field; train students; surmount the lack of skills and structure potential answers; give visibility to innovation studies and provide networking events.

  •  IOSS will support entrepreneurs, researchers, academic institutions … etc. to commercialize their innovative ideas and research outputs.
  •  IOSS will provide capacity on intellectual property, technology transfer, commercialization, technical support and innovation management.