MAIA-TAQA in Egypt: The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport inaugurated the "Innovation One Stop Shop" lab center


The Innovation One Stop Shop (IOSS) lab center is considered as one of MAIA TAQA’s project outputs. Co-funded by ENI CBCM ED programme, the project gathers 6 countries, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain.

The IOSS main purpose in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), the Egyptian partner of the MAIA-TAQA project, is to support startups and SMEs in building their innovative ideas with business models. This lab represents the technical part of current facilities for training and consultancy purposes related to Renewable Energy, especially solar energy.

IOSS center services:

-           Business consultancy

-           Technical and business training and capacity building

-           Identifying potential innovative projects for funding

-           Cooperation and open innovation among regional players

IOSS center equipment:

-           Wind energy modular trainer with connection to mains

-           solar cells controllers (2 solar cells stations at premises, one for 50K connected with AASTMT network for production purpose and the other for training, assignment and consultancy for 5K)

-           Computer Controlled Thermal Solar Energy Unit for representing the solar energy that is produced from the sun directly.

-           Air handling unit (AHU) offers a complete solution with full features for energy efficient AHU, connected to a Building Management System.

All these features and equipment are ready for training, assignment, testing and consulting solutions with all technical, financial and marketing support.

Attendee’s feedback:

"This event is a great opportunity for everyone who is interested in energy applications and startups for creating their business model. Personally, I navigated more ideas, gained more experience, thanks AASTMT for giving us such an opportunity."

Kyrolos Mahrous – Faculty of Engineering (Research on electric vehicle)

“We are very happy to host the IOSS center at our premises and happy to launch it today with all the stakeholders of the RE present with us today”

Dr. Sandra Haddad - Project Coordinator - Vice Dean College of International Transport and Logistics AASTMT