[LIVINGAGRO] VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) is looking for a Financial Reporting Officer


The Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI), Partner n. 3 of LIVINGAGRO project, is recruiting a Financial Reporting Officer for a professional mandate to be carried out in close collaboration with the project staff to guarantee the implementation of the project in compliance with the established times and methods.


Job description

The Financial Reporting Officer will provide support to the implementation of the project at the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute regarding all financial aspects in the LIVINGAGRO project and will provide administrative assistance when required by the LARI staff. The main tasks and activities to be carried out by the Financial Reporting Officer include:

  • Assist in the general financial management of the Project for its best implementation by LARI;
  • Assist in the general management of the Project such as organization and schedule of meetings and appointments (including drafting meetings, technical meetings, workshops, etc.); preparation of regularly scheduled reports; maintaining up-to-date employee work records; other management activities required by LARI staff;
  • Draft and elaborate the financial reports required by the LIVINGAGRO Project
  • Coordinate regularly with FORESTAS, the lead beneficiary of the project in terms of headquarters office in  Cagliari (Italy) especially the Project management team.



  • The salary is 13 € per working hour.
  • The contract includes medical insurance in a private company during all the contract period.



The position is for the remaining duration of the project (31 August 2022) + the duration for the preparation of the final report and will start on directly upon agreement. The contract is extended in case of extension of the project's duration and only for its completion.


Application procedure

To apply, submit your current resume/CV (including relevant professional academic degrees and experiences and the names and addresses of two references), academic transcript, and cover letter (not exceeding 500 words) to mriachy@lari.gov.lb.

The deadline for sending applications is 15 days after the job vacancy is posted (i.e. 15 days after 25/4/2020).

For further information concerning minimum requirements, procedural issues and selection method please refer to the public notice available here (English).