Launch new distinctive products: ‘Ecole de la Propreté’ for Medina’s circular economy under INNOMED-UP training activities


INNNOMED-UP training activities in Tunis, took place at ‘ecole de la proprete’. Training was very interactive, and allowed for as much sharing and learning as possible, to allow all participants to come out with the best possible pilot scenario for their creative circular economy ideas. The majority of participants are in the ideation phase, which presents an advantage of flexibility compared to the context of the INNOMED-UP project, with focus on Cultural and Creative Industries sector, within the defined geographical area -the Medina of Tunis-. The training program was designed with an active pedagogical perspective; hence it was important to sensitize participants to the participatory aspect and active engagement in the discussions. The objective was to reinforce from the outset the notion of ‘cluster’ where group dynamics are essential.

The training also involved field visits, where the participants, met with waste collectors in the Medina, and followed the important waste path. They also got a chance to interact with artisans, and ask about their waste type and how they manage workshops leftovers.

During the training, discussions revolved around the economic viability of circular economy business, and how to integrate the important informal waste picker’s community within Medina’s circular economy cluster. Discussions also revolved around the balance between social impact the business profitability, and how the customers create the economic value to financially sustain the business.

To minimize business risks, the collection of accurate reliable data is key, in order to answer the questions and develop the social business model. Participants were encouraged to gather data first-hand from the field and to observe existing products as well as companies that offer similar products, and make sure to fully understand customers’ needs and/or beneficiaries. A business model needs to be flexible and interdependent, which will need to adapt and change as the business ideas mature and learn from the market or customer behavior.