Key takeaways from the NEX-LABS training for SMEs and Entrepreneurs: the importance of the relationship that must exist between industry and academia

Screenshot from the INSTM homepage

Wassim Kammoun is an engineer working at Institute of Marine Science and Technology in Tunisia and attended the NEX-LABS tailored training event for SMEs and Entrepreneurs. In this brief interview he provides the key takeaways from the event that he will bring in his job.

What is your role in your organization and what are your main research activities? 

I work in INSTM as a Reacher in biotechnology blue and valorization of waste product.  The waste regenerated witch coming from industries the purpose innovation of my product and extract many molecules form the solid and liquid waste because these are reach of protein and lipid to extract w3 and w6. In that way can protect environment.   

I work with industries of marine fish. I accompanied many students in laboratory to realize the project Because, I have a good relationship with industries to be transformed the project in startup. 

Why have you decided to attend this NEX-LABS training course?

I decided to follow this training to know how to make a project. I start the startup in relation with the industrialist with the use of method which allows to saving water and energy for a sustainable industry and which protects nature.

What are the main takeaways that you have learned thanks to this training program?

I took a lot of things related to industries and especially the relationship that must exist between the industry representatives and the researchers in order to carry out a project and succeed in it. I got information on research tools and EU funding dedicated to research and development, as well as information about patents and business plans development.

How do you intend to implement/transfer this knowledge in your work?

The knowledge acquired will be used to help students find a good relationship, integrate into the industries as a result, improve the working environment and make the project succeed by making a startup.