Jordan: MAIA-TAQA to install solar thermal cooling system at the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce


The project aims at demonstrating the capability of solar thermal systems in reducing consumption of energy used for cooling in office buildings in the Mediterranean area through the implementation of a solar thermal cooling system in Aqaba.

This project is implemented in the framework of the MAIA-TAQA "Mobilizing new Areas of Investments And Together Aiming to increase Quality of life for All" project, which is funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme.

Project consists of two parts:

Part I: Solar energy cooling system

Part II: Monitoring System

The work includes the implementation of the project works for the supply, installation, operation and commissioning of a solar thermal cooling system, which includes the supply and installation of solar collectors and a cooling system.

The solar cooling system works on the principle of absorption or adsorption and is to be installed on the roof of the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce building in Aqaba.

It includes all necessary devices and equipment, including solar thermal collectors, hot water tanks, cold water tank, pumps, control system, cooling tower, connections, pipes, valves, expansion tanks, and others.

This shall include the installation and all electromechanical and construction works related to the project, commissioning, training on operation and maintenance for the whole system components and according to technical specifications, attached design schematic diagrams and site requirements

An agreement was made on the 28/6/2021 between Jordan Chamber of Commerce” (JoCC) and, MILLENNIUM ENERGY INDUSTRIES (MEI) to implement the project.