Jordan: DECOST trains NGOs to support the implementation of new composting system


This past September, the DECOST team in Jordan has conducted several workshops about composting for NGOs located within Bani Kinanah District, where the Al Sarow municipality is located. During these workshops some composting units were installed, accompanied with training explanations about management of municipal solid waste, in particular organic waste. Various methods of management of municipal organic waste were explained, but with special focus on the system which is being spread by the DECOST project, highlighting the advantages of community composting systems compared to others.

The NGOs were trained on step by step procedure to help people to implement the new composting system. Most of these workshops were very fruitful and interactive, showing the high interest of the members of the NGOs in collaborate. It should be mentioned that the main objectives and tasks of these NGOs are empowering women and youth as well as human development. 

The DECOST team in Jordan, represented by the Director of the project Prof. Munir Rusan from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Eng. Sora Alrousan and Eng. Nashrawan Aldamin from Al Sarow Municipality and Eng. Rabea Alomari form IAD.