Jordan: CARISMED is looking for video developers and media producers


Future Pioneers is looking for video developers/media producers to provide videography services that will support the communication activities of the CARISMED project.

The specific vidoes anticipated to be developed include:

1. Videos 1: One animated video for 2 3 minutes about the project in general and its objectives.

2. Video 2 & 3& 4: each video (both animaton and filming) for 10 minutes to support the objectives of the different awarness campigns in the project and capitalization of best pracficrs and positive results.


The vidoe developer is requird to do the following :

1. Production of video (script writing, videography, voice over, editing, audio balancing, subtitling (English to Arabic or vesa versa), format exporting, archiving raw and edited work etc.) according to FEPC standards obtained from the CARISMED guidelines. The videos should be produced in highest quality to adequately represent the organization. Also, online versions should be created to be uploded on the social media outlets as well as website

2. Handle all the required interviews and photo taking, as it is expected that the contractrors shall use their own video camera and professional editing software

3. Edit the footage in line with the script which will be agreed upon and approved by FEPC focal person

4. Clearly identify logos, project branding, location, name interviewees, quotes and any relevant details approved by FEPC

5. Archive the edited output in DV and DVD format along with professional log


For more information check the PDF file: 

UPDATED-TOR for selecting Media producers.pdf