Jordan: 60 participants representing SMEs and Entrepreneurs got aware of IPMED services


The session's main objective was to raise awareness and offer guidance regarding the mechanisms and conditions of benefiting from (IPMED) which is being implemented through (JEDCO) as a leader in partnership with Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia through a total of 1.194 million euros funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme for the Mediterranean Basin within the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI CBCMED), in order to develop small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promote economic and social development and support innovative entrepreneurs’ projects.

The representative of JEDCO's CEO Mutea Ghnaimat said that the extent to which intellectual property contributes to the growth of SMEs, and how Intellectual property rights can be used to protect innovations from brands, patents and industrial designs as valuable events by converting ideas into products and services and enriching them with competitive advantages, thereby raising the quality of these products and services available to consumers in the market. Thus, its performance and financial results have improved to ensure job creation, achievement.

The coordinator of the European Union's Cross-Border Cooperation Program, Dr. Esmat Karadsheh, said that there are 13 countries in the region that the program targets, including Jordan, in order to exchange experiences, knowledge and joint work for the sustainability of development, sustainability of activities, environmental sustainability and joint cooperation for the development and common economy of the countries of the Mediterranean basin and building an effective partnership.

Dr. Iyad Abu Haltam, the chairman of "Made in Jordan" campaign, gave a brief of the campaign which was launched by Amman Chamber of Industry and (JEDCO), aimed at introducing the local consumer to the quality of the Jordanian industry and its great role in supporting the national economy.

He also expressed his interest to make a synergy cooperation between "Made in Jordan" Campaign and IPMED program to contribute in the campaign's  objectives in order to develop the capabilities of Jordanian industrial SMEs.

Dr. Ashraf Bani Mohammed, Acting Director of the Center for Innovation and Enterpreneurship at the University of Jordan, said that the Jordanian Enterpreneurship system has made significant qualitative and quantitative progress lately in terms of the number of institutions and programs supporting Jordanian startups, stressing out the importance of having programs such as IPMED Project which support  this system to raise awareness of Jordanian entrepreneurs about the importance and role of intellectual property in protecting innovations and competitiveness and expanding Jordanian startups locally and internationally.

Speakers from the project's strategic partners participated in the workshop, a representative from the Intellectual Property Directorate at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply gave a presentation on the services provided.