Jordan: 35 farmers to benefit from evaporation pan to determine the amount of water required by their crops thanks to PROSIM project

Picture by Bidgee under CC BY 3.0 license to be included in the box below

The PROSIM project not only supports the implementation of new and innovative solutions to increase water use efficiency but also advocate the use of already mature and suitable solutions to pave the way for future up scale of these solutions.

It is in this perspective that the PROSIM project will implement evaporation pan in Jordan as an irrigation scheduling solution.

A wide variety of methods can be used to measure or estimate water use by plants, which is valuable when deciding when and how much water to apply. The evaporation pan method is a simple, inexpensive, and readily understandable way to estimate irrigated crop water use. It also requires little attention and can provide farmers with reliable estimates of plant water use.

Pans provide a measurement of the integrated effect of radiation, wind, temperature, and humidity on the evaporation from an open water surface. The pan has proved its practical value and has been used successfully to estimate water use by observing the evaporation loss from a water surface and applying the crop coefficients to relate pan evaporation to irrigation requirement.

The evaporation pan will be implemented by the project with conventional water for open field and green houses in Jordan at farm’s level allowing farmers to evaluate local evaporation and water to be supplied to crops.

Combined with other irrigation technologies implemented by the PROSIM Project, 35 farmers will directly benefit from the implementation of evaporation pan systems and will cover 11.5 ha of vegetables on open field and 20 greenhouses. These implementing technologies will serve as demonstrations plots to be used to ensure knowledge transfer to 80 participants among representatives of farmers associations and water usage associations.