Joint NEX-LABS and U-SOLVE informative session to highlight innovative solutions in Water, Energy and Food and urban development in Egypt

NEX-LABS project

On Tuesday, June 21, the Academy of Scientific Research organized a session at its headquarters to introduce the NEX-LABS project and further engage the community. Experts and researchers from various fields attended this session.

The session included a presentation and discussion of the project's objectives and upcoming activities, as well as Egypt's role in carrying out the project Implementation of clean technologies for a sustainable and flexible scaling up of Water, Energy and Food (WEF) domains and dissemination of project activities to as many sectors as possible.

Salma Essawi, Project Manager, highlighted the project's role in stimulating the entrepreneurial attitudes of NEXUS stakeholders and young entrepreneurs from partner countries to develop new technologies or services to meet NEXUS challenges. 

The session highlighted previous milestone activities such as training programs targeting entrepreneurs were launched with the aim of empowering researchers and young innovators working on relevant NEXUS technologies with the knowledge and tools to turn their projects into startups, In addition to training programs for public authorities, decision-makers, and program  managers involved in the development of policies, strategic frameworks, initiatives, and activities in the field of WEF, to provide participants with the technical and strategic thinking skills required to develop WEF-NEXUS frameworks that take into account the local needs of society, the environment, the economy, and, finally, the summer school  in Lebanon aiming to provide NEXUS creators with new business perspectives, establish potential cross-border collaborations in the Mediterranean, and assist entrepreneurs in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and related skills to successfully launch and grow their businesses.

Among the topics discussed were introducing the concept and strategy for implementing  the regional Nexus Driven Open Living Labs in Jordan and Lebanon with the goal of bridging the gap between NEXUS stakeholders to support the effective implementation of clean technologies for a sustainable and flexible increase in agri-food production in the European Union, as well as, in the Middle East and North Africa.

This session was a collaborative event between the U-SOLVE and NEX-LABS projects with the goal of exchanging information and knowledge about what these projects seek in their various fields of providing innovative solutions in the fields of WEF, as well as urban development projects and supporting companies for sustainable development in the Mediterranean.