Job opportunity in Italy: The TECHLOG project is looking for a simulation technician at the University of Cagliari


The University of Cagliari (Italy), TECHLOG lead partner, has opened a call for the position of Simulation Technician. 

The professional figure will work as a driving simulator and human factor instrumentation technician within the TECHLOG research project - Technological Transfer For Logistics Innovation In Mediterranean Area.

The Technician will have support to the University of Cagliari-CIREM project team in the development planned activities of the following project objectives:

  • Set up of the Cross- Border Open Lab
  • Joint development of Technology Transfer Initiatives (TTIs)
  • TechnologyTransfer Pilot Action

The activities include use of specialized software, data analysis, management, update and use of driving simulators.

For more information on the scope of work and specifics of the requested tasks:  please follow the following link: Simulation Technician (content available in Italian language)

The deadline for the applications is 17th March 2022!