JOB OPPORTUNITY: Expert in Collaborative Web-based Platforms needed to Support the TECHLOG Project in Italy


The University of Cagliari (Italy), TECHLOG lead partner, has opened a call for the position of Expert in collaborative web-based platforms. 

The professional figure will assist the CIREM group at the University of Cagliari in the development of technical-functional specifications for a web-based collaborative platform, as well as in the technical assistance activity during the development of the same collaborative platform as part of the TECHLOG project's activities.

This task is dedicated to the design, development, and implementation of a new web-based collaborative platform designed to support collaboration and the exchange of information and best practices among "innovation users" and "innovation providers," both from the worlds of research and business, as well as institutions operating in the port and road transport sectors, within the project's two Living Labs.

The platform is the technological tool that supports the activities of the two Living Labs and must represent the collaborative environment in which the project TECHLOG's target subjects can collaborate to facilitate technology transfer processes in the field of advanced training for port and trucking staff using driving simulators, as well as to strengthen links between the academic and industrial worlds. The collaborative platform will be designed to be an open and inclusive open innovation environment, supported by a network of facilitators who will guide participants through the use of the features and the co-creation process while ensuring a high level of content quality.

The Chamber of Commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon will announce the establishment of the collaborative platform based on the requirements provided by CIREM.

For more information on the scope of work and specifics of the requested tasks:  please follow the following link: Expert in collaborative web-based platforms (content available in Italian)

The application deadline is April 24th, 2022.