IPMED in Greece reviews the regulatory environment for intellectual property in the country


The Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), one of IPMED partners held its first session of the working group on Tuesday 20th December 2021 to review the regulatory environment for intellectual property and innovation in Greece.

TCCI is currently working with the Intellectual Property Committee of Hellas International Chamber of Commerce "ICC Hellas"  and other relevant stakeholders on the roadmap for the development of Intellectual Property in Greece” which can serve as a starting point and basis for the group's work.

TCCI has formed a working group that includes members from the government and private agencies responsible in the field of intellectual property, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as representatives from the SMEs sector, to review intellectual property policies and laws to identify priorities and opportunities for developing laws related to intellectual property in the project´s participating countries.

A series of recommendations will be submitted to public authorities and policy-makers to align national IPR policies with international best practices; thereby facilitating policy dialogue with relevant stakeholders to work on specific recommendations to that end.