IPMED cooperates with PPI4MED in Jordan to support SMEs in technological transfer, commercialisation and Intellectual Properties Rights


The team leaders of “Intellectual Property Capabilities for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Mediterranean Region - IPMED” and the "Technological transfer and commercialisation of public research results through PPI in the Mediterranean region- PPI4MED" project held a technical meeting on Monday 23rd May 2022 to discuss the opportunity for cooperation and mutual support of IPMED and PPI4MED in relevant fields.

This comes as an obvious potential for synergies between the objectives and the processes of PPI4MED on one hand, and IPMED's mandate, tasks and activities on the other hand.

Organizing and holding joint specialized trainings and awareness workshops were good topic that had discussed in order to reach the targeted audience who can benefit from both projects' services.

The coordination teams presented the progress of both projects and the effective ways to start implementing the expected collaboration actions based on the current projects' achievements.

They also exchange and co-develop the methodologies used to communicate, reach and engage the most relevant audience in the target communities for both projects.

IPMED project is being implemented through (JEDCO) as a lead beneficiary in partnership with Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia through a total of 1.194 million euros funded by ENI CBCMED programme, in order to develop small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promote economic and social development and support innovative entrepreneurs’ projects for three years.

PPI4MED project is being implemented in Spain as a lead beneficiary in partnership with Italy, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan through a total of 3.6 million euros also funded by ENI CBCMED programme, in order to boost the commercialisation of research results from public research institutions through Public Procurement of Innovation programmes and projects, as well as private-public commercialisation partnerships.