INTERNISA in Tunisia launched digital training to support women


SQLI, the Tunisian partner of the INTERNISA, has launched the training spot for supporting digital training for Tunisian women. Tunisia has been involved in the development of the INTERNISA network to increase the number of digitally qualified Mediterranean women to respond to the needs of the labour market in some sectors such as smart tourism and to adapt to the new post-Covid working method (working from home, freelance, etc.).

For women without internet skills or even access to it, SQLI services organized on Monday, October 3, 2022, a training to allow women on necessary digital skills to work in the digitalizing agri-food, textile, tourism and financial sectors. In this info-day, SQLI presented all tools delivered through the INTERNISA project such as the portal, the mobile application and the training curricula to help Mediterranean women to enhance their IT skills to find a job.