INTERNISA strengthens its Spanish partner´s work to address digital skills deficit in the Andalusian society


The INTERNISA project has been an opportunity to strengthen the Andalusian Federation of Towns and Provinces´ (FAMP in Spanish) commitment to continue working on the demographic challenge of the Andalusian society. Andalusian rural women suffer double discrimination: on the one hand, they are victims of the gender gap that affects all women in our society, and on the other hand, they suffer an even deeper digital divide due to the fact of living in rural areas where the Internet access is still a technological challenge to face.

The implementation of the INTERNISA project in Andalusia wants to focus on these women, and on the challenge of advancing in the digitization of rural economies. The diagnosis that has emerged thanks to the work carried out so far within the framework of the project yields very significant conclusions: most of the women targeted by the project (young women, especially NEETs) are familiar with mobile applications (smartphones, social networks, etc..).

But also, they have a digital skill´ deficit to use the new information and communication technologies as a tool to access an increasingly digitized job market. This diagnosis has been ratified by the qualitative information that we have obtained thanks to our working groups with the local governments, which have already been working for some time to bring rural women closer to the advantages of digital literacy.

For all this, FAMP will work in a coordinated way with these local governments providing training for these women so that they can access the job market.

At the same time, they will work with rural companies to help them advance in the digital innovation of their business models. This should reduce the mismatch between job offers and demand. This training will be organized between October and November of this year. We can't wait to see the result of this exciting experiment