INTERNISA in Spain promotes women labour integration focusing on digitization


On the 31 March 2023, the Federación Andaluza de Municipios y Provincias (FAMP) - the Spanish partner of INTERNISA project - held a public event to present a memorandum collecting  a set of recommendations deriving from INTERNISA experience in the  Andalusian region. These recommendations provide a strategic document for public and private organizations to improve women’s socio-occupational integration in the society. The process to elaborate these recommendations has brought together a good sample of experts in gender, employment, and digitization, coming from public administration, private sector and civil society, who have worked together during several working sessions, inspired by the experience of INTERNISA in Andalusia.

After offering a tour of the project in Andalusia and presenting the set of recommendations to make INTERNISA’s approach and resources sustainable, the agenda of the event included a round table to identify possible actions and synergies to boost women’s job, with a focus on digitization, with the presence of the three levels of administration (local, provincial and regional), as well as the civil society and the private sector. The questions addressed to these persons included their opinion and assessment of the recommendations presented and their commitment to getting involved in making them sustainable.