INTERNISA in Spain boosts e-tourism employment for women


During the opening of the two INTERNISA information points the general director of the Catalan Youth Agency, Núria Ramon, announced that the objective of this EU-funded project is to hire women trained in digital skills. These two information points are included in the Youth Offices (OJ) located in Valls (Alt Camp) and Montblanc (Conca de Barberà) in Catalonia. The opening was in the presence of each county capital accompanied by the president of the two county councils, Mateu Montserrat and Carme Pallàs respectively, and the territorial coordinator of Youth, Ekaterina Katcheff.

These two information points, which opened on 28 September 2022, will help women and young people who want to train in digital skills and work in the tourism sector, specifically in companies and cooperatives linked to the Cistercian Route. In this way, the Youth offices will spread the initiative and their staff will guide the people who are interested. In the same office, the candidates who want to participate in the project will receive advice to assess their possibilities and will also be able to register on the program platform created to match supply and demand through computers and tablets that have been installed in the youth offices exclusively for this use.