INTERNISA partners gathered in Spain to discuss achievements to decrease women digital gap


The Catalan Youth Agency (CYA), one of the Spanish partners of INTERNISA, has organized and hosted the seventh progress meeting of the project in Barcelona-Spain during the 11th and 12th of July 2023, to discuss project progress and the upcoming steps to be done. During the two days meeting, each partner had a brief presentation about its activities and progress.

The CYA  presented the whole project progress and up to date achievements. This presentation included training activities, policy makers' workshops, offline spots and other important issues. From their side ARIN (Italian partner) presented the latest updates about the project platform and mobile app, presenting the platform and the mobile app building methodology and related statistics including app downloads and performance.

From their side, the Region of Central Macedonia (INTERNISA’s Lead Beneficiary) presented the whole project status of online and offline structures, job fairs and campaigns, and memorandums of cooperation. Those issues have great importance in the project performance and lead to better service to the beneficiaries of the project. Al-Balqa Applied University (The Jordanian partner) also talked about the dissemination materials and communication plan, including some statistics about social media pages performance.

This meeting comes to complete a series of  project meetings held in a regular manner in all the project countries, in which all partners give advances about the project progress and discussed the upcoming events and activities to be held.