INTERNISA in Palestine organized a job fair in Bethlehem


ActionAid Palestine (AAP), the Palestinian partner of the INTERNISA project, organized a job fair on May, 31st 2023, in partnership with the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI). This comes as a result from the Memorandum Of Cooperation signed early between AAH and BCCI. More than 24 companies from different sectors participated in the job fair.

The job fair gives the opportunity for graduates and job seekers to find, meet and explore local companies and organizations, and so find job openings in the participating companies and organizations. It is worth mentioning that all participants can get and benefit from a variety of services including our project-specialized databases, human resource and career development counselling, exploring INTERNISA's upcoming training opportunities, and finally job openings. This job fair is considered a great opportunity for information exchange between potential and main employers and job seekers, so decreasing the time and effort for both to find jobs or employees within the same location and also gives the employers the chance of building a database for future chances through our specialized platform. 

The activities of INTERNISA focus on increasing the efficiency and relevance of education and professional training to the labour market by combining digital skills with professional development in 4 targeted sectors including the agri-food, textile, tourism and financial sectors. Also, it is worth mentioning that the project is implemented in seven countries: Greece, Jordan, Spain, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine and Italy. Through this job fair, AAP seeks to promote direct communication between employers needing employees with young people seeking jobs, especially young women with digital skills and those who need digital training. Hence, one of the expected outcomes of the job fair will be creating and finding job opportunities for participants and introducing them to the INTERNISA network and recruitment policies of a number of organizations and companies working in Palestine.