INTERNISA in Italy launches workshops on digital tools for young women


INTERNISA partner in Italy, Arezzo Innovazione, launched the offline spot for women, a series of workshops intended for the three different INTERNISA target groups:

1. Women: to train them on how to benefit from the INTERNISA structures and invite them to subscribe to and utilize INTERNISA services and offline spots. Ad hoc training sessions for creative online CVs, job interviews and job search channels are foreseen.

2. Businesspeople: to address real problems that they face and explore innovative solutions for Digital innovation from a technological, social and sustainable perspective. Focus groups are organized on the basis of the 4 INTERNISA target sectors (Agri-food, textile, tourism and financial).

3. Public sector employees: to discuss policies and best practices to promote the inclusion of women in the labour market, including expert speech on the role of digitalization and social media tools, inclusion, diversity and gender equality.

 The events will kick off on the 22nd of September with a first workshop on Digital tools for young women and will continue until the end of October 2022.