INTERNISA in Greece organized the women in digital festival


The Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), lead beneficiary of INTERNISA, organized women in digital festival in Thessaloniki, Greece, with the participation of more than 60 women.

This international festival took place at the facilities of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre HELEXPO, as part of the BEYOND 2023 Exhibition, on 24th, 25th and 26th of May 2023.

The 3-day festival aimed to promote the actions and outcomes of the INTERNISA project to as many interested parties as possible. This was reached by a series of speeches, discussions, panels and roundtables regarding the project.  

Furthermore, Region of Central Macedonia’s INTERNISA team presented in detail the INTERNISA project, Offline Spots, the project’s web portal ( and mobile application for women (My INTERNISA) and the educational material created in the context of the implementation of the project, highlighted its objectives and results, mentioned the activities as well as the upcoming ones and analyzed the Memorandum of Cooperation of the project to INTERNISA policymaking bodies and to Vocational Education & Training Organizations.

It is worth mentioning that participants were from inside and outside Greece. This festival comes as a part of the INTERNISA project's responsibility toward building platforms, activities, and fruitful talks for supporting women in the fields of digitalization.