INTERNISA in Greece organized seminars for young women


Within the framework of enhancing the results of the INTERNISA project and building effective partnerships with project beneficiaries, several young women take part in the project activities and spoke about the benefits and skills gained from the project at ActionAid Hellas Community Centre, Athens during March and April 2023.

During their visits, participants stressed the importance of digital skills in building their career paths and in gaining new jobs. While others said they gained the opportunity in building better chances and careers for their work.

Realizing the importance of digital skills, they participated in INTERNISA’s seminars and made good use of the offline spots created, providing modern equipment and support by professional job counsellors.

Women who are searching for a job, who want to take part in training and upskilling, who want to learn how to use modern digital tools, to create their CV and learn how to perform better in their upcoming interviews can visit the Centre. The offline spot is open every Tuesday from 16:00-18:00 in Petras 93, Kolonos, Athens, Greece.