INTERNISA in Greece has now 2 training centres to support women find a job


INTERNISA partners visited Action Aid Hellas headquarter located in Athens on the 4th of November 2022. They got introduced to the role and history of the organisation. Partners explored the offline spots created for the project which consist of a training centre to support women find a job and focused on IT skills. ActionAid Hellas, whicih is one of the Greek partners of INTERNISA, has created in both ActionAid Hellas Centres in Athens and Thessaloniki two offline spots, fully equipped, that already hold training and open conversations with other entities for women 18-35 years old. They discussed the way the offline spots work and the upcoming events that are scheduled to promote the spots. The partners had the chance to see the way the Community Centre works, in an underprivileged area of Athens, together with people towards their empowerment, supporting them with various services and education programs.