INTERNISA in Greece engaged with Vocational and Education Training organisations to boost IT skills for women


The Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), lead beneficiarty of INTERNISA, has organized and implemented a major 2-days workshop entitled “Expanding the Participation of VET Organizations in the INTERNISA project" on the sideline of the “WOMEN IN DIGITAL FESTIVAL". There  were held at the facilities of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre HELEXPO, in Thessaloniki-Greece, on 24th and 25th of May 2023.

This two-days’ workshop, which was addressed to the representatives of Vocational, Education, & Training (VET) Organizations, entitled: "Expanding the Participation of VET organizations in the INTERNISA Project".  During the workshop, they presented the objectives & results of INTERNISA Project, its web portal ( and a mobile application for women (My INTERNISA), the offline spot and the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC).

Following the presentations regarding the INTERNISA project, the representatives of VET Organizations had an open discussion about the role of politicians and decision-makers in improving and strengthening the VET system, the best practices, and challenges in addressing gender gaps in the workplace and education and the importance of networking and collaboration in filling and removing gender gaps. Also, the participating VET Organizations signed the INTERNISA MoC in order to strengthen the project’s results and sustainability. 

The MoC outlines the framework of INTERNISA project partners and stakeholders in order to engage them in the most efficient and effective way in the implementation of INTERNISA project, during both procedures for successful implementation of the project and after its completion.

It is worth to mention that RCM is going to carry out an extensive e-mail campaign during late June-early July 2023, in order to further engage stakeholders and encourage them to sign the INTERNISA MoC.