Interested to work in the Blue & Green economy? Then follow MYSEA project updates! High-quality training will soon be available for young people especially NEETs and women

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

High rates of youth unemployment affect several regions of the European Union, and one out of four young Southern Mediterranean are not in employment, education or training (UfM, 2018); women are underrepresented in the job market. 
In this general context, market growth opportunities for the blue and green economy are neglected because they are considered not adequately appropriate by jobseekers, as they don´t guarantee, according to them, professional success and career growth, and lack decent working conditions and wages. Finally, many private enterprises working in the agri-food and waste management sectors find extremely challenging to recruit highly trained personnel and valuable professionals, mainly due to scarce interest of applicants and poor educational opportunities.

In this context, MYSEA project´s challenge is to promote social inclusion and reduce poverty by increasing the employability of 1.000 young people especially NEETs (up to 30 years old) and women in the agrifood and waste management sectors in 5 Mediterranean countries: Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan.
To reach such achievement means providing participants with marketable skills oriented to the real and current needs of companies and private enterprises working within the blue and green economies, to boost their employment rates, allow them to do career choices and improve their lives.
In this context, MYSEA  is glad to announce that a solution exists: Training!

Training aims at bridging the skills gaps between demands and supply and equip participants with the needed skills to find their path in the job market, through mentoring, job-placement and job orientation support and transversal, digital, sector-related and entrepreneurial workshops.

Thanks to MYSEA project – funded by the EU under the ENI CBC MED Programme – a total of 15 associations will be launched at the end of the project by trained individuals and 1.000 certificates of apprenticeship, internship/traineeship and on-the-job training will be delivered, among which a considerable amount will  help to enter the job market through the companies involved in MYSEA  project.

Moreover, training contents and methodologies of the next training paths are going to be planned starting from the analysis of the context in the 5 countries involved, concerning the situation of women, NEETs and Technical and Vocational Education and Training  (TVET) institutions and economic actors, thanks to the current research activities that MYSEA partners are currently carrying out. 

Therefore, do not lose this chance to access the trainings in the Blue & Green job market and boost your career! 

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