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INTECMED will take part at the International Congress of Engineering and Sustainable Development (ICESD 2022)

As part of the International Congress of Engineering and Sustainable Development (ICESD 2022) which will take place on December 27, 28 & 29, 2022 in Monastir (Tunisia) and as part of the implementation of the INTECMED project: Incubators for Innovation and Technological transfer in the Mediterranean (Greece, Spain, Egypt and Tunisia); ANPR organizes open days with the objective to promote the Mediterranean e-bazaar platform (Marketplace Platform) in order to better understand the functionalities of the platform and the terms of membership.

Objectives of the open event:

• The promotion of the INTECMED project with innovation actors in Tunisia, particularly the socio-economic world and research and technology transfer structures.

• The promotion of the e-bazaar marketplace platform of the INTECMED Program.

• The adhesion of the actors of the technology transfer ecosystem to the platform.

• Networking of projects on a Mediterranean level

Interplay objectives:

• Strengthening the link between the various partners and stakeholders in the national and international entrepreneurship ecosystem, public, private and associations (chambers of commerce, research centers, universities, associations, companies, experts, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc. ).

• Improved visibility of the products and services of project promoters and attraction of national and international investors.

• Sharing the experience of project leaders in the INTCMED mentoring program through testimonials.

• Exchange of best practices with partners in entrepreneurship and project management.


Check the concept note and the agenda of the event.

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