INTECMED in Greece organises Mediterranean innovation days to mobilise investors and award grants to entrepreneurs


A three-day event on the theme "INTECMED Mediterranean Innovation Days" is co-organized in Greece, by the Chamber of Achaia and the University of Patras, with the support of PATRAS IQ, on Friday 26/5-Saturday 27/5 and Sunday 29/5, at the Conference Center of New Port of Patras (former Mega Vaccination Center). The event is organized within the framework of the implementation of the European project INTECMED-"Incubators for the search for innovation and transfer of know-how in the Mediterranean region" (ENICBCMED Funding Program 2014-2020) in which the Chamber of Achaia is the Lead partner while the University of Patras participates as a partner.

The event is going to be implemented in 3 phases:

On the 1st day (26/5/2023), 32 startups from the 4 countries implementing the project - Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Egypt - which participated through an open invitation contest, in a mentoring program receiving support and guidance for the development of innovative business plans (Tutorship), they are going to present their business ideas as it matured through the project and hold B2B meetings with invited potential investors from Greece, Spain, Egypt and the USA.

On the 2nd day (27/5/2023), the "Open Innovation" Conference of the University of Patras follows with interventions on Innovation in the Mediterranean Macro-region. On the same day, the business support awards (sub-grants) of INTECMED's Innovative Business Ideas Competition, with a total value of €60,000, will be awarded to the 3 most innovative ideas from the Western Region of Greece, for the support of the actions required for the operation of their business and the implementation of the innovative idea in the market.

The work of the 2nd day will be completed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Chamber of Achaia and the Chamber of CapBon in Tunisia, after a diagnosis of cooperation ground between the two bodies, as a result of transnational cooperation through the project where they participate as partners.

The 3-day event closes on Sunday 28/5/2023, with the open demonstration event of the dynamic web Platform for finding synergies and partnerships "e-Bazaar of Innovation" ( ) on behalf of the University of Patras. At the same time, the inauguration of the Regional Innovation Facility Point (RIFP) of the INTECMED project, created by the University of Patras, will take place in the building of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers (at the Patras University Campus in Rio suburban of Patras) and will be followed by a working meeting of the project partners.