Instagram's New Cultural Heritage Filters: A Journey Through the 6 iHERITAGE Partner Countries!



Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of cultural heritage from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon, all within the realm of Instagram! Marwan Tayseer, an experienced Meta AR Effects Developer, together with the Communications Team at the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA), has meticulously crafted eight unique Instagram filters, each offering a distinctive cultural experience. Let's dive into these immersive filters and invite you to explore, celebrate, and have fun with them.

  • Spain Filter - Flamenco: Channel your inner Spanish spirit with a flower in the hair, traditional makeup, and accessories with the passionate rhythms of flamenco music playing in the background as you share your story.


  • Italy Filter - Sicilian Lemon: Play a game of harvesting lemons as you experience the joy of Italian agriculture by catching virtual lemons and sharing the fruits of your labor.


  • Portugal Filter - Maios Doll: Tap into the Portuguese tradition of seeking guidance from this charming doll for a unique and interactive experience.


  • Jordan Filter - Traditional Pottery: Explore the details of the delicate art of Jordanian handmade pottery.


  • Egypt Filter - Tahteeb: Test your agility by jumping over obstacles and claim victory while embracing Egypt's cultural heritage in a virtual game of Tahteeb. 


  • Lebanon Filter - Bawahir Weather Predicting Method: Discover the ancient Al-Bawahir weather predicting method used by Lebanese farmers.


  • Mediterranean Dishes Shuffler: Struggling to decide what to eat today? Let us help! Shuffle through a virtual menu of delectable Mediterranean dishes and let fate decide your culinary adventure.


  • iHERITAGE Static Frame: Enhance your Instagram stories with the iHERITAGE static frame during events and cultural celebrations, adding a cultural touch to your photos.

These Instagram filters curated by Marwan Tayseer offer a delightful blend of cultural immersion and interactive entertainment. Whether you're dancing to the rhythms of Spain, harvesting lemons in Italy, seeking guidance from the Maios Doll in Portugal, or embracing the ancient crafts of Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon, these filters allow you to celebrate and share the world's diverse cultures like never before.

So, why wait? Follow us NOW, dive into the cultural tapestry of the Mediterranean and invite your followers to join you on this exciting journey. Instagram has never been this culturally enriching and entertaining – go ahead, explore, and have fun!