InnovAgroWoMed's commitment towards women goes beyond the agri-food sector


In InnovAgroWoMed, the idea was not only to train women in issues related to the creation of projects in the agri-food sector and to subsequently have no further involvement with them.

The support for social inclusion involves other dimensions. We, the Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research-CAWTAR, continue to provide assistance to our beneficiaries outside the agrifood framework, but always with the aim of supporting them in the process of social inclusion and empowerment. We always aim to integrate them, to make them express themselves, to inspire them. 

This is why we enabled three of our beneficiaries from the InnovAgroWoMed project to participate in the regional -hybrid- workshop on "Women's leadership at the local level and societal change".

This workshop was rich in testimonies and exchanges of good practices on women's leadership and women's ability to influence and make meaningful changes in themselves and in their communities.

The participating women came from different socio-cultural backgrounds and from several countries, namely Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan.

The workshop was organised by CAWTAR in partnership with the Forum of Federations and the Tensift Region Development Centre as part of the project "Empowering Women for Leadership Roles in the MENA Region".

Our beneficiaries revealed to us that after listening carefully to the testimonies of those women leaders today, and understanding the progress they were able to make, how difficult but possible it was, their resilience, their resistance... they felt much less isolated, much stronger, and more ready to continue moving forward.