INNOMED-UP project launches sub-grants call to boost circular economy and innovation in the cultural and creative sector


The project “Promoting UPcycling in Circular Economy through INNOvation and education for creative industries in MEDiterranean cities”, INNOMED-UP, financed by the ENI CBC Med Programme 2014 -2020, announces 86 sub-grants ranging from €2.000 to €10.000. Those will be awarded to Small Medium Enterprises of the Cultural and Creative sector (CCI SMEs) for the production of innovative products (39 vouchers), for acquiring technical equipment (26 vouchers) and for collaborative/mentorship schemes with third institutions (21 vouchers), in order to integrate high-tech, innovative Circular Economy principles.

The sub-grants will be distributed in selected CCI SMEs in all participating countries i.e. Greece, Italy, Tunis, Palestine, Jordan and the budget is 435.357,00€, which is approximately 13,6% of the total project’s budget.

So far Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities (FPEC), Project Partner no.6 from Jordan as well as the Municipality of Tunis , Tunisia, Project Partner no.4,  and Birzeit University (BZU), Palestine, Project Partner no.5,  released their sub-grants announcement on the following links:

Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities - Jordan

FPEC website:


Linkedin: INNOMED UP’S Post

Deadline for applications: 2 June 2022

Municipality of Tunis - Tunisia

Deadline for applications: 30 May 2022

Birzeit University - Palestine

In Arabic :

In English:

Deadline for applications: 10 June 2022

The calls for Greece and Italy will be announced soon.