INNOMED-UP project appears in The Greek national newspaper ''Kathimerini''


The Greek national newspaper ''Kathimerini'' published, both online and in print version, a feature story about the INNOMED-UP project. In the article are presented the outcomes and features of the whole process of the project till now.

Engaging circular initiatives through the existing presence of Creative and Cultural SMEs practicing in the historical center of Athens, INNOMED-UP proposes an innovative model based on the incisions of tradition and the city's past. Reforming and enlarging the possibilities of creative industries on behalf of networking, collaboration, technology, the project expands itself to the very nature of the Athenian urban tissue. 

As a proposal of great need, due to a ''twofold aspect: to save the unique identity of the heart of the Greek capital and at the same time to graft the Greek tradition with the practices of the circular economy'', is described INNOMED-UP throught the present article. 

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