INNOMED-UP organized Open Market in Tunis, an event to promote creativity through the use of recycled materials


The Circular Economy market at Saint Croix Church in the Medina of Tunis was a vibrant and inspiring event held from 4 to 13 May 2023 to promote the principles and practices of the circular economy. This unique event brought together local businesses, local and national institutions, experts, and the sub grantees to explore innovative approaches to sustainability, waste reduction, and resource efficiency.

The historic Saint Croix Church, located in the heart of the Medina of Tunis, provided an extraordinary setting for this event. The church's architectural beauty , its cultural and symbolic significance, since it is a  product of circular economy, added a special charm to the event, capturing the attention of attendees and creating a memorable experience.

The event featured a diverse range of activities, including interactive exhibitions and presentations. The sub grantees showcased their circular products, highlighting their sustainable design, use of recycled materials, and efforts to minimize waste throughout their production processes. Visitors had the opportunity to engage directly with entrepreneurs and learn about the positive environmental and social impact of their products.