The implementation of Low-Cost Adaptive Reuse (LCARS) practices, highlighted in the CARISMED Third Newsletter


The Third Newsletter is out ...

This newsletter comes after holding of the third meeting of the project steering committee, which took place in Tunis on May 9, 2023. Furthermore, the preparation of the training manual, which will be implemented in the six cities participating in the project, has also been completed. It is expected that these training’s activities will be completed by the end of August 2023.

Moreover, the activities related to selecting sites and buildings to which the LCARS methodology will be applied have now been crystallized appropriately. This newsletter will be devoted to covering an important component of the project, which is the "Low-Cost Adaptive Reuse" methodology, and to shed light on the course of work on the project in the participating cities during the past six months.

CARISMED third newsletter.pdf