IItaly: INTERNISA highlights role vocational institutions in enhancing female participation in the labor market


Arezzo Innovazione (ARIN), the Italian partner of INTERNISA, has organized a 2-day workshop entitled “Expanding the Participation of VET Organizations in the INTERNISA project”. The event was hosted and held at Arezzo Innovazione Premiseson the 7th and 11th of September 2023.

In the workshop, ARIN Representatives presented the INTERNISA project, its objectives, activities, services, target groups and up-to-date achievements. Also, small briefs were given about project outputs like the web portal (https://www.internisa.eu/) and a mobile application for women (My INTERNISA), the offline spot and the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC). This two-day workshop was addressed to the representatives of Vocational, Education, and Training (VET) Organizations, in which representatives of the major Italian vocational institutions had small talks and presentations about the actual situation of vocational training in Italy and the main challenges that face the VET Organizations. It is worth mentioning that representatives of teachers, learners, companies and  VET Policy stakeholders, were present at the workshop and shared their experience in the field.  It is worthy to mention that the number of participants were 8 people in the first day and 40 participants in the second day. 

Following the presentations regarding the INTERNISA project and actual vocational training situation, the representatives of VET Organizations had an open discussion over the two days about the role of politicians and decision-makers in improving and strengthening the VET system, the best practices, and challenges in addressing gender gaps in the workplace and education and the importance of networking and collaboration in filling and removing gender gaps.