iHERITAGE Research Agreement for the preservation and documentation of intangible cultural heritage in Alexandria, Egypt


The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations - CEEBA, iHERITAGE project partner in Egypt has successfully signed a Research Agreement with the Raquda Foundation for Art and Heritage that aims to preserve and document the intangible cultural heritage of Alexandria, Egypt. The agreement entails the definition, documentation and scientific research needed to define 50 elements of intangible cultural heritage including folk proverbs, handicrafts, foods, clothes, occasions, and celebrations.

As many may already know, Alexandria is a city with a rich history of cosmopolitan culture and intellectual pluralism. The elements of its intangible cultural heritage are threatened with extinction, and the Raquda Foundation is working to preserve and safeguard these elements. The foundation's goal is to document these elements and develop them in a way that serves the communities sustainably.

The methodology for the project includes using technology for documentation, risk identification and assessment, mapping, photographing and reconnecting the intangible heritage finds with their original stories. The project will also involve studying the urban planning of these elements in their heritage incubators and designing a quality control assessment system for the documentation process and results.

The vision of the Raquda Foundation is to preserve and safeguard the natural and cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, in a sustainable manner. The foundation's mission is to empower communities and societies to conserve and preserve their cultures, heritage, and arts by hosting and implementing sustainable development projects, ensuring that the cultural heritage of Alexandria is protected and made accessible to future generations.

CEEBA and the iHERITAGE project are proud to collaborate and cooperate with leading institutions such as the Raquda Foundation, who share the same values and common goals towards the valorization of Mediterranean heritage and increase awareness and appreciation of the priceless cultural treasure of the region.