iHERITAGE Partner in Portugal signs Cooperation Agreement with leading local Museum of Digital Arts!


On Thursday, February 10th, 2022, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the University of Algarve – Escola Superior de Gestão, Hotelaria e Turismo and the Museu Zer0, a Museum of Digital Arts.

The instruments that connect the digital world and the concepts that build the studies focused on virtual encounters are what led to and drive this partnership: the museum as a tangible representation of digital works of art and the university as the catalyst for methodological and historical frameworks of an idea.

In this aspect, the memorandum was purposed through three stages: 

  • The First, focuses on the emergence of a collaborative network for the development of artistic communication and marketing solutions, through new technologies, leading to the promotion of academic, artistic and laboratory training. 
  • the second purpose addresses the creation of synergies between Researchers, Curricular Units and Courses of the University of Algarve, collaborating in the development of the Center for Experimentation and Artistic Creation at the Museu Zer0, supported by artistic, creative and entrepreneurial sub-projects that value the history of the Mediterranean Basin;
  • and the third and final purpose links the organisation of joint artistic events, thus enhancing the visibility of the artistic solutions of each of the partners, also through their social networks, apps and modules created in augmented and virtual reality.

This partnership comes at an opportune moment for the iHERITAGE project, as it is part of the Living Labs schedule, where the focus is centered on the technological approach of Algarve's intangible cultural heritage, validating also social and cultural elements, connected in different ways to the history and memory of the Mediterranean, thus provoking a necessary development of the critical sense in the local and global community. The iHERITAGE team, all around the Mediterranean, places special emphasis and focus on the integration and collaboration with local communities including the general public, service providers and key stakeholders.

The Portuguese Living Labs application is currently in development and soon we’ll be sharing it to the world. For the time being, please visit the following link to learn more about the iHERITAGE Project in Portugal.


Portugal is currently part of the @IheritageH project, aiming to promote and enhance the Mediterranean UNESCO cultural heritage through innovative experiences by creating cross-border living labs for research and innovation.

Represented by the University of Algarve, the focus of the Portuguese team is to promote the Mediterranean Diet and its importance for the cultural identity of the Mediterranean. The iHERITAGE ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO world heritage is a strategic project funded by the EU through the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.