Holopration application in MED GAIMS: Live demo at Video Art Game 2021, the conference for video games and gamification


The second edition of the Video Art Game (VAG) experience was celebrated on 1st and 2nd of October 2021 in Amposta (Tarragona). The technology HoloMIT was presented as a live demo in this world-class event celebrating gamification and digital entertainment. This disruptive holoportation technology is developed by i2CAT foundation and aims at bringing a real feeling of presence in remote immersive experiences, such as videoconferencing (which will soon become holo conferencing), immersive training, e-learning and multiplayer gaming for VR, AR or in general XR applications. 

Attendees had the chance to witness in person the demonstration of a fully immersive holoportation experience within a virtual scenario. Users were into virtual, augmented or extended realities (VR/AR/XR) and had their video captured by a volumetric capturing system that projected this in real-time directly into the scenario.

For this demonstration, i2CAT used the scenario created for the game "Underground VR." It is a gamification experience in the Victor Balaguer Museum developed in the framework of the MED GAIMS project. 

Watch in this video the whole demonstration.