GREENinMED partners explored sustainable innovative solutions at Leitat Technological Center, Barcelona


On February 23rd, the transnational GREENinMED project team visited Leitat Technological Center, as part of study tour in Spain to get to know innovative potential solutions for sustainability in the tourism industry. Leitat's mission is to manage technologies to create and transfer social, environmental, economic, and industrial sustainable value to companies and entities, through research and technological processes.

During the visit, Sergi Artigas, Innovation Board Strategic Manager of Leitat, presented the general innovative approach of the centre in relation to GREENinMED efforts to foster innovation in water and energy management among Mediterranean  small and medium-sized hospitality businesses.  

The partners were also able to visit Leitat facilities. The centre works in several areas and Sergi Artigas presented the main areas of action, focusing on the field of circular economy, but at the same time emphasising the cross-cutting potential of all different technologies used in various sectors. 

The following points were discussed among the participants:

  • Water treatment and reuse. Industrial, municipal or process wastewater, separation and purification technologies (membrane processes, product recovery) and biotechnologies (bioelectrochemical systems, Nature Based Solutions), 
  • Treatment and recovery of waste/by-products. 
  • Air quality treatment and control (filtration)
  • Bioresources and agri-food technologies. New sources (microalgae, insect farming and new sources of ingredients and products). 
  • Sustainable production. Combining technology, sustainability and competitiveness through business models based on circular economy.
  • Ecolabelling for products and services, environmental communication strategies, social responsibility, social innovation, public awareness and participation. 
  • Technologies, products and processes that are safe for the environment and human health (nanomaterials and microplastics). 

The GREENinMED team was also invited to explore recent developments in the fields of polymer and additive identification and characterisation, ageing of materials, biodegradability testing, and climatic ageing through temperature, humidity, thermal shock.

Leitat has a long tradition since its beginnings in the 1.0 industry, and has continued its commitment to innovation, adapting to all the changes in the industry, being now a reference in the promotion of the 5.0 industry.