The Greek team of the TEC-MED project narrates how their training in the care model is being implemented


TEC-MED is an innovative European project which refers to the elderly (65+) and how their everyday life could be easier and qualitative through the development and the strength of social care in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. 

The essential principle of this project is to establish good practices concerning social and health care while keeping advanced health and social provides. 

The European project consists of several different work packages focused on specific research and action.  In the first phase of the project, we managed to record the needs of the Elderly and their caregivers regarding the Greek reality. As soon as the lack of social care units and the needs of the elderly were gathered and recorded, the effort for the solution, care, and organized intervention began. 

The pilot part required the hiring of 6 training agents in order to perform the implementation f the TEC-MED model.  According to the requirements of the program, the agents should firstly get trained in detail so they can be effective and helpful towards our final beneficiaries (elderly and caregivers). 

The training of the agents was programmed in advance to last 4 weeks with specific goals and thematic in every section. The index of these training courses included detailed aspects concerning the platform and its use such as: 

  • Meet the TEC-MED Project  /  Meet the Capacity Building of the program
  • Meet the Action Plan of the project  /  Meet the Capacity Building of the program
  • Responsibilities and obligations   /   Geographical  part and population they should cover
  • Tools and methodology   /   Managing the platform
  • Approaching the sensitive population of the elderly   /    Do’s and don’ts ” / psychological aside approaching ways
  • Short questionnaire – guide   /   Answers and questions

The training program includes audiovisual material and provides time for questions and answers on the session education.

Parallel to the training procedure, the training agents organized pre-listed contacts as well as new ones in an effort to keep the interest of our stakeholders strong as well as find new partners to the pilot process.

Platform Familiarization 

The most essential part of training is the familiarization with the platform and the collection of the required information concerning the questionnaires.  All this information are of great importance as they define the health, psychological and other conditions that the elderly and their caregiver ace daily.   

In order to be informed and correctly prepared we manage to hold an online course and several contacts with Vidavo as well as with the LB coordinators. The final version of the platform faced delays so the beginning of the implementation of the pilot phase was not in time. 

Additionally, the uncontrolled spread of the COVID-19 pandemic some weeks ago, makes our structured plans unable to occur. Face-to-face meetings that were scheduled had to be postponed.  The strict restrictions that arose made the visits to the agencies (private or public) impossible to happen. Some of them were alternatively settled directly online while others could not support even this kind of communication.  

Though we try hard to find alternative ways of communication and information shared, the new measures that constantly arise constitute an obstacle to our initial programmed goals.