Greece: MED-QUAD project is looking for an independent external evaluator


EPIMORFOTIKI KILKIS sm LLC, Lead Beneficiary of MED-QUAD project (MEDiterranean QUadruple helix Approach to Digitalisation, reference number B_A.2.1_0088), is looking for an independent external evaluator to monitor and assess the project implementation agenda and the achievement of outputs and results based on pre-defined indicators, within the framework of the project, to carry out the analysis of the documents, submit an interim and a final report.

The type of procurement adopted is the “Competitive negotiated procedure” with three (3) offers to be evaluated. Epimorfotiki Kilkis sm LLC will call three (3) valuable “independent external evaluators” who meet the criteria cited in the terms of reference to submit their proposal and price offer to:

EPIMORFOTIKI KILKIS sm LLC, Doiranis str. 56, 61100 Kilkis-Greece, Secretariat Office, in sealed and signed envelopes by 11th October 2021 (15:30 CET).

The submission is presented in one-step. It includes the technical offer and the financial offer, as well as all the documents requested in the terms of reference.

For more information about the call for applications, please follow this link.
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