Plus d'entrepreneures en herbe sélectionnées parlent de leur expérience avec BESTMEDGRAPE. Qu'attendent-elles ?


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As part of BESTMEDGRAPE project, potential entrepreneurs have been selected in Jordan, as mentioned in previous articles. Two newly selected entrepreneurs tell us about their experience.

A golden opportunity

One of the selected entrepreneurs is Farah AlQudsi, (M.S.C. in food Science and Technology at Jordan University of Science and Technology). Farah has a great interest in food waste and has many ideas related to this subject. She says that BESTMEDGRAPE is a golden opportunity for her to develop her idea and make it applicable and international, and to follow her ambition into the entrepreneurship world.

Farah is certain that this opportunity will nourish her skills and she can see herself as a successful entrepreneur, partnering with national and international companies.

Reaching universality

Dania Darabeh is our second selected potential entrepreneur; she saw the ad of BESTMEDGRAPE on Facebook and she applied.

Dania is now preparing to set up a company for the manufacture of cosmetics, but she stills in the stage of initial approvals, and within a short period of time products will be launched in the Jordanian local market. Her participation in BESTMEDGRAPE will be an added experience and will increase her knowledge.

In Dania’s opinion, there is no doubt that the transfer of scientific and technical know-how contributes to the promotion of economic development, especially in regions that do not witness rapid development and growth. Therefore, this project and the participation in it will give her a greater opportunity to enter the local market. Of course, if this knowledge is exploited and transferred, it will be easier to enter the global market.

And the most important goal for Dania is to reach universality.